Tuesday, November 29, 2011

:) hurt cold inside cover by me


So i think im going to start posting my own covers on here soon.... but i need to get my guitar re-stringed first which could take maybe 2 weeks... but i could post some of my old ones later :)

Hurt Falls Apart

Hurt Rapture

Ok so i know nobody knows about these guys but they're my favorite band and are worth the listen. This song was already and they took it and made it just perfect on acoustic

Ten years Insects

Ok this is the last ten years video.... for now ;) they are just too amazing

Ten years Wasteland

wish there was video footage to this :/ oh well.... still sounds awesome

Ten years through the iris

More ten years...  its amazing how good they sound live

ten years shelter

A great song and band to start with :) gotta love how people just started gathering around them

What its all about

This blog is going to be a constantly updated collection of acoustic songs, covers, and acoustic performances of songs.... the first video will be posted soon :)